New videos from published text content

Videos based on white papers and research reports

This series of six videos is based on the key points in the executive summary of this research report.

Text-to-video report

Videos based on this report have been distributed in multiple channels and campaigns.

Each highlights a key reason why data center managers prefer Fibre Channel technology over competing storage network technologies.

Featured in the TechTarget “Search Storage” and “Search Converged Infrastructure” websites. The campaign generated more than triple the clickthrough of industry standard benchmarks.

Text-to-video TechTarget campaign

Multi-pronged TechTarget campaign featuring video series drew 3X the expected clickthrough response.

Reason #1: The ability to use primary storage for mission-critical applications

Reason #2: HCI storage admin requires more staff, not less

Reason #3: The ability to scale applications and storage on demand without wasted assets

Reason #4: No vendor lock-in! HCI provides little or no choice in software stack

Reason #5: Fibre Channel SAN provides higher throughput

Reason #6: HCI “one size fits all” approach is inflexible and lacks extensibility

Text-to-video example Broadcom

Overview: Why data center managers prefer Fibre Channel SANs

Add value to blog posts and articles

This series of videos is based on blog posts and articles published by Symantec subject matter experts. It’s valuable content that represents a lot of work. Each listicle-like video adds value by quickly summarizing the key points and increasing the accessibility and reach of the key messages.  The video versions encourage viewers to read the text version and to explore Symantec’s large library of published content.

Text-to-video illustration

Blog posts and articles represent an investment in valuable work by subject matter experts. Video versions increase the ROI.

It’s pre-approved copy!

Because each blog post is well-edited, it’s relatively easy to convert the text to video. In addition, the published copy has already been OK’d by the appropriate “authorities.”

It still takes editorial skill and visual imagination to convert the copy into a video,  but you’re off to a fast start working with clear and accessible copy that often includes diagrams and illustrations. Producing a video based on existing content is largely a matter of selecting the most interesting, persuasive, or visually arresting elements and building the video around it.

5-page editorial brief that was reimagined into a 2-minute video

Symantec DLP blog-to-video

7 must-haves for your next DLP system

1000+ word blog post re-imagined as a 2-minute video.

5-point checklist for network security engineers

5-page Editorial Brief re-imagined as 2-minute video

Symantec Gateway text-to-video

7 things you should know about proxy security