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Common mistakes when condensing information into a 2-minute video

1. Saying what goes without saying

Promises such as “increased productivity” and “lower costs” are tough to deal with because they are among the benefits of technology in general, and all B2B technology products I can think of promise them. On the other hand, if those are the main benefits, you cannot not mention them.

But if you’re aware that you’re dealing with what goes without saying, you’ll put more effort into graphics and animation. Showing specific costs being knocked down, or employees reassigned to more mission-critical work (e.g., from maintenance to develop and test) is more interesting and persuasive than mere talk about productivity and savings.

2. Telling people what they already know

Let’s say your target audience is compliance officers. The last thing they need to hear is that the consequences of ineffective compliance include loss of company reputation, customers taking business elsewhere, failed audits, heightened regulatory oversight, fines, penalties, and possibly people going to jail.


The collaborative process for creating video marketing content

The most important thing

According to a recent survey conducted in the LinkedIn B2B Technology Marketing Community,  the three most important elements of effective content are “audience relevance” (71%), “engaging and compelling storytelling” (56%) and “triggers a response/action” (56.7%).

The collaborative process for creating video marketing content

Source: 2013 B2B Content Marketing Trends Report
Request a copy here: http://www.slideshare.net/hschulze/b2b-content-marketing-trends-2013

These were the only categories more than half the marketers surveyed agreed upon. “Effectively delivers a message” got 40%, no other category scored over 25%.  Only 6% considered for “low cost” important — good news for B2B video producers like me.