Resources for planning technology business videos

Why make a video, anyway?

Guides and checklists for Technology Business Videos

Tech Business Video best practices

and inspiration drawn from more than ten years’ experience writing and producing 2-Minute Explainer videos for tech marketers about hard-to-explain value propositions. Examples of what works, and why. (Click image to download)

Videos for account-based marketing

  • The flipped funnel needs more video
  • Video and the complex customer lifecycle
  • Video from the customer’s point of view
  • Responsive online engagement with video
  • Using video opportunistically
  • Video chatbots?
  • and more

  • Prepping reviewers and subject matter experts
  • Setting the narration word count
  • Sharing corporate standards
  • Setting look-and-feel expectations
  • Setting narration style and voice actor selection
  • Planning for interactivity
  • and more

How to apply ideas from eLearning experts to tech marketing explainer videos

  • Bite-size learning and light bulb moments
  • How to reduce “cognitive load”
  • Using auditory and visual learning channels to complement each other
  • Using on-screen text
  • and more

Planning explainer videos to motivate buyers throughout the buying cycle

  • Misconceptions about buyer behavior you can capitalize on
  • 12 example of videos that speak to different buyer motivations
  • 3 effective creative approaches you may have overlooked
  • The “Video Bundle” approach to the buyer’s journey
  • and more

Planning explainer videos that target the technology solution buying team

  • Why product-centric videos are old hat
  • The impact of the buying team on video content
  • Integrating video with other content
  • Coping with the short attention span
  • Video CTAs
  • and more

Planning explainer videos people will want to share over social media

  • How shareability leads to sales engagement
  • Sharing ideas to overcome preconceptions
  • Ideas worth sharing: methodologies, underlying concepts, structures
  • Reach more prospects with more targeted videos
  • Increase sales engagement
  • Overcome buyers preconceptions
  • Lower video production costs
  • and more