Why does a video cost what it costs?

Cost components

It’s the creative effort that goes into a making a clearly explained technology solution video that accounts for most of the cost:

  • script writing
  • storyboard production
  • animation
  • narration
  • music/sound design

Visual Styles

The most variable of these creative labor costs is animation. There are lots of ways to deploy visual elements (animated characters, motion graphics, illustrations, photos, video inserts, icons, titles, transitions, etc.) to tell a story. Here are some some samples indicative of a wide range of styles and techniques, arranged roughly in order of creative cost. The most expensive style  costs about four times as much as the least expensive one.

Kinetic Text

Best for headlines and section headings

No characters

Animated icons, simple illustrations

Stick Figures


Stock Footage Plus

“Real” people representing customers and their customers

Classic Characters

Classic corporate “explainer” video look

Modern Characters

For edgier presentations

Semi 3D/Isometric

Simple characters, lots of movement


Character addresses viewers synced to speech.

Rapid scene shifts

Complex environment with lots of movement


Characters talk to each other or to the viewer.

3D characters

Eyecatching, unusual

Liquid Transitions

Trendy 2D animated storytelling