2-Minute Explainer videos are high-level overviews that propel tech customers to learn more

Solution overviews with multiple uses

Tech buyers are doing research, looking for insight, trying to pare down their options. They tend to resist being marketed to.

This is the 2-Minute Explainer niche: videos that are just as long as they need to be in order to

  1. Give the viewer an idea of how the solution addresses their problem
  2. Demonstrate at least one memorable differentiator
  3. Energize the viewer to learn more about the solution
The thinking behind our explainer videos for tech marketing

What makes our explainer videos different?

Overview of unique technical features

Cavium Universal RDMA. The product page where this video resides is clearly designed for people who are searching for detailed technical information. The video delivers a high-level overview — a visual executive summary — with a low-key, informative, pitch.

Overview of an innovative business model

Resonant Infinite Synthesized Networks. RF filters are essential components of wireless devices. This video explains how Resonant is disrupting the supply chain with new manufacturing processes.

Software application demo

Journey Sales Smart Rooms. The Journey Sales Smart Room app adds content management, collaboration, and analytics capabilities to the Salesforce platform. This video dramatizes Smart Room software features in use, demonstrating how they work together to increase customer engagement.